DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas

Love is in the air. With just 2 days to Valentine’s, we give you 10 easy ideas which will take you back in time and celebrate the day the old fashioned way with your true love.

1. Leave scribbled notes for your Valentine around the house.
2. Reserve your dinner table at home this year. Think candle lights, flowers and your favourite meal.
3. Write a poem and read it aloud.
4. Plan a surprise. Send flowers or a box of chocolates to your Valentine while at work addressed “from your biggest admirer” and make them feel special.
5. Pen down your feelings on a piece of paper and tell how much your care
6. Plan a movie night. Cuddle up on your sofa with a bottle of champagne and dark chocolates on the side and watch your favourite classic love story.
7. Prepare a breakfast in bed for your Valentine.
8. Go for a romantic drive
9. Dim the lights and dance to “your” song. If you don’t have it yet, it’s never too late to find one.
10. Download our Valentine’s wallpaper and put it up on your and your partners’ phone.

IMAGE courtesy: thecasualgent


Happy Valentine’s Day

We are spreading love this Valentine’s.
Download Sher Singh’s Valentine wallpapers for your computer, phone and tablet. Share it with your better half, friends and family and spread the love.

Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

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