The Lion, the Pony and Your Wardrobe

In the 19th Century, tennis players and polo players alike were quite dissatisfied with their sports garments. Disgruntled players often took the field wearing long sleeved, button-down shirts in unsuitable fabrics which hampered their agility, speed and flexibility. They must have also complained about how they didn’t feel ‘sporty’ enough.

Charlotte Cooper, English Tennis Player (1870-1966)

In the 1920’s, the 7-time Grand Slam tennis champion, ‘Crocodile’ or René Lacoste decided to get rid of the long sleeves and make the shirts in breathable piqué cotton. This shirt was now extremely wearable and comfortable. And it was ‘sporty’ and fashionable too.

The dissatisfied polo players heard about René’s fabulous tennis shirts and decided to wear them on the field. And before long, to René’s dismay perhaps, the tennis shirts were referred to as the “polo” shirt. And young Mr. Lauren literally capitalised this opportunity to create his 1972 clothing line, Polo. Today the tennis/polo shirt is also a cricket shirt, a golf shirt, sometimes a football shirt and it has entered your wardrobe too.

The Sher Singh polos are India and Cricket inspired. The details symbolise the union between the giant sport and the great heritage of the country. It derives from international styles but is proudly made in (and for) India.

– SB

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