All at Sea, in White

Whether you’re going to the Maldives or the Hamptons this Summer, make sure to throw in your basic white polo into your travel bag. It’s essential. Add pastels to the look for a cool, breezy style as you go for a stroll on the boardwalk.

And make sure to keep some space for colour in you bag. Check out our new polos in forest, teal, grape and pink.

– sb

Wear to This Summer

Going on a Summer Holiday? Travel around the world with your new BFF’s Ashlee and Ashlene because these two dresses are just the right Summer companions.

  • You can take them anywhere because they don’t take too much space in your suitcase;
  • They don’t get crumpled;
  • They are stylish and cool on sunny afternoons;
  • You can wear them in the evenings too;
  • They are sleeveless and just the right length for those bare legs (not too short) and
  • Colours and patterns are just what Summer is all about.

– SB

Ways to Wear

We love our Serena Top. Even more when we realized the fun ways to style it through the day.
Here is our stylist’s take on the Spring’s New Favourite.

Shop the look with the Serena Top in MinkCoralWhite and Powder Blue.


Look, Between the Lines

Coco Chanel fell in love with the sailor’s stripes in the early 20th Century and ever since then the nautical lines have been timelessly trendy. There is something glamorously vintage about the way these dramatic lines tell a woman’s story.

The Striped Maxi Dress; The Striped Asymmetrical Top

And guys, you too can walk the line with our New Striped Collection for Men. Choose your pick from the Navy Striped Nautical Henley, the Red Striped Nautical Henley. the Striped Polo in Black & White and the Striped Polo in Red & White.

– sb

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