Sher Singh’s Spring Wardrobe

Get a quick sneak peek to our Spring 2012 collection before anybody else.


It is a Fictional World

We finally managed to catch up with Sherlock Holmes this weekend, he of the 2012 Guy Ritchie treatment. It not only made us download his complete anthology on our iPad, but it also made us jealous of dear Watson. Having Sherly as a BFF would be a never ending adventure.

Then it happened. We started to feel list-y, so here it is: Fictional Characters we wish were our Best Friends.
Here they are – in no particular order (and with absolutely no disrespect meant to our real-life BFFs who we love very dearly).

We’d love to have them as our BFFs

1. Sherlock Holmes
Oh the adventures, the logic and the thrill. Definitely would need him around in the late 19th century to keep us entertained (we heard the internet wasn’t around back then…). Apparently Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote him free of vice, save for a little cocaine. And in case you didn’t know, Mr. Holmes was the original embodiment of Boho Chic.

2. Lara Croft
We’ll admit; it would definitely not be the easiest task in the world being BFFs with a hottie like Lara Croft (and her striking resemblance to one Ms. A. Jolie). But it would be fun skyping about all her kick ass adventures and hearing about how she journeyed to the center of the Earth to save all of mankind. And she would totally be able to relate how picking out the right colourscape for the Spring 2012 ad campaign was, like totally the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life, because this year there are so many gorgeous new Pantones. Right?

3. Batman
He’s a billionaire with a secret – and brains. It would be uber cool to be the “one” getting the free rides on his Batmobile or better – drive it! Getting Mr. Wayne for a friend makes you welcomed in the Batcave and treated to the greatest technological advancements ever (which even the CIA might not be aware of). We might just also guilt trip him to make us his side kick! Beware Robin, you have competition.

4. Harry Potter
A wizard for a friend. Yes! – We say.
Just imagine the envy in others eyes when you get to go around the world on his Nimbus 2000! Also we know what it feels like to be bullied Harry, but knowing that you can use your wand out of Hogwarts now wants us to have a moment of guilt-free “give-it-back” time with our bullies – if you may.

5. Calvin
Yes, we know he’s not the socialising kinds. But once Calvin lets us in his trust circle, we, together with Hobbes, can conquer the world, banish broccoli from the face of the earth, change the education system (or banish it completely), oh, and of course annoy Susie! That’s what friends are for.


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