Shantanu & Nikhil teach us how to #BeASport

We caught up with Nikhil of Shantanu & Nikhil and asked him how is he doing his bit of teaching everybody to #BeASport (apart from looking so dapperly handsome, wearing just a kurta + denims).

What was your inspiration behind creating the designs for #BeASport campaign?

We have two similar, yet very distinct designs for the t-shirts designed for #BeASport.

Having trying to combine a western silhouette and an Indian design, we came up with the idea of using the booti from Jaipur as the main element of design.

The men’s t-shirt design is all about “moving forward”. The Indian sensibilities with the pixel formed booti design gets infused with “Sports” with its athletic action.

The design for the women’s t-shirt on the other hand represents who the Indian woman is today. The design with the booti work reaches out to every Indian women. She likes a little “Indian-ness” on her clothes – in the form of colour, stencils, designs, applique, or embroidery. The design is set on the shoulders keeping in mind that she also “carries” everything on her shoulders and still moves forward in life. The design represents exactly that.

How do you relate to the #BeASport Campaign?

It can be said that I have been through the phase that the #BeASport campaign is trying to achieve right now. As a person who was never too interested in “school” and “studies”, I initially wanted to get into sports; but it wasn’t acceptable at that point of time – with family and the society – and so it wasn’t easy. My other “interest” lay in art and painting which was at that time seen as something only girls would do and wasn’t acceptable either.

There is a lot of pressure on kids today with expectations from the parents at each point of time. And when i wanted to start a career in design, I was equally frowned upon. But the story of me, of how i am where i am, how i am and what i am doing today is what keeps me going ahead everyday, how ever competitive the days may become.

The point is that ‘EVERYBODY’ can be ‘SOMEBODY’. It’s just a matter of pushing them towards the goal.
We found our way. And we hope that others do too. We are just trying to help them get there, however we can help.

– ak

Sonny Caberwal tells us to #BeASport

“We are trying to create a meaning to the brand, and that is what translates to #BeASport.”
– Sonny Caberwal, ex-model/co-CEO.

Sonny Caberwal with kids at the Google+ Hangout

Tying together Bollywood, Sports and Fashion and helping children stay in school. Sounds like a “picture perfect” plan, right? We definitely wanted to know more about Magic Bus and the newer version of “Hum honge kaamiyab” coming together. Sonny gave us the answer and it seemed to fit perfectly together.

“As a social media campaign, we are involved with top companies in India, leading Bollywood celebrities and Cricket stars. Let us just say that each one of us is on a journey – whatever are our circumstances in life. We have profiled these exceptional journeys of individuals; many of them are sportsmen and women. Similarly Magic Bus takes children and youth, living in poverty on a journey from childhood to livelihood through a world class mentoring programme. Using the metaphor of ‘Sport’, we are trying to change behaviours in nearly 3,000 slums and villages, over 200,000 children across India. We are hoping that Sport together with mentoring can be used to get children to re-enrol in school, lead healthy lives, confront many social problems and move away from poverty.”

#BeASport NOW and help a kid stay in school. You can make a difference too. All you have to do is watch this video and share it with your family and friends. Each view = $ for the Magic Bus.
Help us reach 1 million views.

Read more on their Facebook fan page  and

– ak

Story of the Week : #BeASport

Sher Singh and Cleartrip along with other partners like Ketto, MissMalini and Network Privé, have pledged to invest their time and resources to #BEASPORT which is a social media movement that is bringing together top stars to help educate India’s youth through Style + Sport.

Sher Singh, with celebrity designers, Shantanu & Nikhil; have created limited edition t-shirts, 100% of whose net proceeds will go to the #BEASPORT program.

To participate in this movement, tag your tweets with #BEASPORT. Or you can download the image below and make it you “Cover Image” on Facebook.

Read more on their Facebook fan page.

Read more about the initiative here :

– ak

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