Lisa in ♥

Lisa Haydon was recently caught talking to the press about her Lisa ♥s SS collection . – Not that we are complaining!

Lisa Haydon - People Magazine

Lisa Haydon - Verve Magazine

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Lisa Haydon Gets Candid

Lisa Haydon gets candid with Veenu Singh and talks about her career, item numbers and what makes her feel sexy.

Lisa Haydon gets captured in Hindustan Times

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Ways to Wear: Polos

Still wondering how to get the retro look from the 70’s and 80’s. How about a polo (or two) for your wardrobe?
A wardrobe staple back then, the classic polo has made its way back into your man’s wardrobe just right.
See how to wear yours with a different look each time.

Ways to Wear a Polo

  • Wear your polo with a flirty skirt or a pair of shorts with sneakers for a look that is edgy, yet playful.
  • Get a quirky style wearing the polo with printed lowers.
  • Go for a crisp look by styling the polo with your favourite skinnies.
  • Wear it tucked-in with a pencil skirt for an uber-sexy look.
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Déjà Vu

First it was our Alex Dress and now our collection of the ruched dresses! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the similarity between our dresses and the one Beyoncé was seen wearing earlier this month.

As we said earlier, the fashion trends must be getting really global.
Get her style here with Ruched Dress in Royal Blue and Black.

And we have to ask you this Beyoncé, “How do you get those curves?”


Lisa Shows us How

We spotted Lisa Haydon wearing the Sher Singh Crest to an event last night. We love the way she styled it with a statement necklace for the perfect camera moment.

Lisa Haydon in Sher Singh

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Valentine’s Special

Chocolates and roses are passé. Give your girlfriend a dress (or two) this Valentine’s Day

Find more ideas for gifts: Sequin Embellished Black Top, Sequin Embellished Navy Blue Top, Peach Peplum Top with Sequins, Multicolored Embellished Top, Long Dress in Mauve or the Navy Eyelet Dress


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