Serve it Right

So the next time you’re on a safari and malaria is a threat, call for a cocktail hour. Whether the good ole Gin and Tonic is a preventative for the disease or if it’s simply a concocted myth (get it?), it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a drink. Also, the fact that the first gin was made in the 16th Century to cure kidney disorders should inspire you to down another glass. Stir up the traditional concoction by making a visit to the kitchen because here’s what you’ll need:

  • Some gin and tonic of course!
  • A slice of cucumber
  • Green chili

Pour about three fingers of gin into a highball glass and add some tonic water, depending on your alcohol intake. Plunge a slice of cucumber and a nasty green chili into the drink. Add some ice cubes and stir well.


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