Why Colour Your Week

The colour you wear affects your happiness. It’s true.

At least, many people believe that the seven days of the week have their respective governing planets. Monday is named after the Moon, Tuesday is named after Mars, Wednesday after Mercury, Saturday after Saturn and so on. These planets are in turn linked to specific colours that are good for you. And even if you are a pragmatic, non-romantic, ‘grown up’ person, you will agree that wearing a little colour does cheer you up (besides making you look good).

White for purity and peace. Besides, it’s an essential color in your wardrobe.

Red signifies passion and love. Also, it’s bold and sexy.

Green brings you prosperity and it signifies regeneration besides being a Summer favourite.

Yellow symbolises enlightenment. The perfect colour for your sunny day out.

Indigo is mysterious. When you wear it, it’s sharp, fresh and chic.

Violet is regal and a lovely name. Don’t you feel special when you wear the colour?

Pink is happiness and love. The perfect colour on your day off.

– SB

Sher Singh, In the Details

After all it’s the little things that matter.

1. The Tri Color Collar because we love who we are. We hope you proudly raise your collars.

2. Look for the iconic Sher Singh crest on your shirt. The two golden lions stand for the Great Indian Pride and the bats represent the gentleman’s heritage.

3. The ‘Cricket Ball‘ Button: This little detail, almost a secret affair, at the end of the placket signifies your crazy love for the game.

– SB

Re-Check Your Style

Usually, and we must add sadly, the checkered shirt is a lonely entity in a man’s wardrobe. The stripes and solids seem to have been favored by some fashion fearing male species since they like to, please admit it, play safe. But we say checks are essential patterns in your wardrobe. A checkered shirt makes you mysterious, charming, unconventional and less uptight or at least leads you to believe so. Here’s how you can style your checks in five different ways.

1. Dark solid shorts, flip flops or loafers, (forget the socks), your favorite checkered shirt and spring in the air. Wear this look as you sip a rooftop cocktail celebrating your first internet startup.

2. The checkered shirt adds some fun to those intimidating solid colors, giving you a casual elegance that adds a pleasant detail to that ‘prim and proper’ look. Here, the predominantly blue checkered shirt borrows a little white from the trousers. Perfect for a late morning cappuccino at a street side cafe.

3. Add soft solid fauns and neutrals, like beige or ecru, over your brightly colored checks for a stylish eye-catching yet minimal effect. Adding a striking accessory like a ribbed striped watch is daring, especially if you like to make a mark in the metropolis.

4. Mixing patterns can be tricky because it can look really clownish. The rule of thumb here would be smaller checks need to be accompanied by larger patterns, to give an impression of ease and space. Here, a tie with a larger diamond pattern and a suit with Glen checks complement each other. The golden crown brooch and the striped pocket square are little details that add to the look. Note how the pocket square gently borrows colors from the checkered shirt.

5. Give your formal look a makeover this summer especially if you are left-brained and working for an advertising firm or if you own a quaint little cafe down the street. Harmony is good but a hint of contrast always adds a spicy flavor to the look. Tying a checkered tie or a scarf is a good idea if you observe this rule.

Finally gentleman, you must know the rule of all rules: Break the conventional ones, experiment and try something new. It works when you decide not to be boring.

(img source: thetieguy.tumblr.com)

– SB

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