Unapologetically, Gainsbourg

The French poet, singer-songwriter, Casanova, actor, director and artist Serge Gainsbourg was consistently over-the-top, controversial, kind, good natured, uniquely stylish and coarsely unapologetic throughout his career.

There comes in every age a man who makes the world accept all his vices. It is not only acceptance that he ordains but a celebration of his socially ‘deviant’ ways. Such a man rises from the confines of morality because he becomes one and only.

His daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg told Vanity Fair that he was always “… very touching… very generous” and taxi drivers in Paris still recall stories about his generosity. Not to say we derive inspiration from the amorous man but we do admire his iconic stature, almost fearfully, for being the ‘player’ that he was and for making music that took the world by storm.

Gainsbourg with Brigitte Bardot

And who wouldn’t envy the man who held the company of women like France Gall, Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot?

– SB

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