Sonny Caberwal tells us to #BeASport

“We are trying to create a meaning to the brand, and that is what translates to #BeASport.”
– Sonny Caberwal, ex-model/co-CEO.

Sonny Caberwal with kids at the Google+ Hangout

Tying together Bollywood, Sports and Fashion and helping children stay in school. Sounds like a “picture perfect” plan, right? We definitely wanted to know more about Magic Bus and the newer version of “Hum honge kaamiyab” coming together. Sonny gave us the answer and it seemed to fit perfectly together.

“As a social media campaign, we are involved with top companies in India, leading Bollywood celebrities and Cricket stars. Let us just say that each one of us is on a journey – whatever are our circumstances in life. We have profiled these exceptional journeys of individuals; many of them are sportsmen and women. Similarly Magic Bus takes children and youth, living in poverty on a journey from childhood to livelihood through a world class mentoring programme. Using the metaphor of ‘Sport’, we are trying to change behaviours in nearly 3,000 slums and villages, over 200,000 children across India. We are hoping that Sport together with mentoring can be used to get children to re-enrol in school, lead healthy lives, confront many social problems and move away from poverty.”

#BeASport NOW and help a kid stay in school. You can make a difference too. All you have to do is watch this video and share it with your family and friends. Each view = $ for the Magic Bus.
Help us reach 1 million views.

Read more on their Facebook fan page  and

– ak


Style Your Polo: Friday Nights

Just in time for the summer heat, this ‘pop’ polo in hot candy pink is just perfect for the season.

The Classic Polo in Candy Pink is now available

– ak

SS Classic: The Cricket Blazer

Whether you are at work or going out with your lady; a classic blazer never fails to impress. Here are 4 reasons why Sher Singh’s Cricket Blazer is a must have in a gentleman’s wardrobe.

The Classic Cricket Blazer

Wear it with your favourite shirt or dress up your jeans and a plain tee, the Cricket blazer perfectly compliments and completes any look.

The classic cricket blazer is now available: in Navy and Olive

– ak

All at Sea, in White

Whether you’re going to the Maldives or the Hamptons this Summer, make sure to throw in your basic white polo into your travel bag. It’s essential. Add pastels to the look for a cool, breezy style as you go for a stroll on the boardwalk.

And make sure to keep some space for colour in you bag. Check out our new polos in forest, teal, grape and pink.

– sb

Not So Formal

“A well tied tie is the first serious step in life”, said Oscar Wilde who tied his first at the age of two. Mr. Wilde probably wore his tie to achieve a more formal look since his intention was to take a ‘serious step’. And we agree that a tie is a must when it comes to men’s formal fashion. However, this does not limit the function and appeal of the tie.

The tie can be worn with your more casual shirts to prep up your everyday style. This works great for Fridays-at-work and at those dinners when looking good is important but you’d still want to keep it easy and casual. We say the tie is a great accessory and should be seen around more often and not just at the office.

– sb

Story of the Week : #BeASport

Sher Singh and Cleartrip along with other partners like Ketto, MissMalini and Network Privé, have pledged to invest their time and resources to #BEASPORT which is a social media movement that is bringing together top stars to help educate India’s youth through Style + Sport.

Sher Singh, with celebrity designers, Shantanu & Nikhil; have created limited edition t-shirts, 100% of whose net proceeds will go to the #BEASPORT program.

To participate in this movement, tag your tweets with #BEASPORT. Or you can download the image below and make it you “Cover Image” on Facebook.

Read more on their Facebook fan page.

Read more about the initiative here :

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Tangerine Tango

Look no further for the latest in fashion. We have with us the next version of “Colour Crushing” for the season. Red carpet everywhere is full of colours at this time of the year. And TANGERINE TANGO, also declared the colour of the season by Pantone is our current favourite.

From Hollywood to closer home, Bollywood, celebrities have the red carpet flaming with in gowns and dresses in the colour of the season. It was rather simple for this one to make the trending shade since it looks good on all skin colour and makes it look, if we may add, rather exotic.

Tangerine Tango

Energetic, attention grabbing and extremely preppy, we have already seen the colour on almost all major catwalks from Christian Siriano, Vitoria Beckham, Acne and Tommy Hilfiger, and believe that it is going to be equally hot for the next season as well.

Get your Tangerines with Raina, Frieda, Lena and Alex from Sher Singh

– ak

What We Wear: Rahul

Here’s Rahul. He is fun, quirky and a little goofy. And yes, smart too. He is one of our best dressed colleagues and we are especially impressed today with his Friday dressing.

“I had a late Thursday night and so I thought I want to have a relaxed day at work… I am not in a ‘doing’ mode. I am in a more ‘thinking’ mode today. So that’s why I am wearing what I am wearing… Brown and beige, for me, are very relaxing. And the Madras check goes with the mood”.

Working at Sher Singh is: “Satisfying and crystal clear one day, unsettling and hazy the next. Keeps me guessing!”

– sb

Wanted: Mr. S

Who is Mr. S?

Mr. S is accused of being the most stylish man in the world.

So, what about him?

Apparently, he’s gone missing. Also known as “The Man on the Move”, he is nowhere to be found. When we went to see him at his house this morning, we found a note hanging on the door.

Why has he run away?

Well we’ll have to find it out from him, but first we need to find him.

He is leaving clues behind, so let’s crack the code together.  Come with us on this trip around the world as we look for Mr. S.

This is what you’ll have to do

You’ll have to help us guess the names of places Mr. S has been to with the clues he leaves us. That’s all!

With every destination, we will select one person with the correct answer who will get a discount code for 25% OFF.  At the end, whoever cracks the final code will be rewarded most handsomely.

Please visit our facebook page for the contest.


– ak

Flashback Cafe: Bye Bye Bye

The asterisk (*) is more than just a footnote denoter. It’s also the first character of this band’s name although one asks ‘what is it doing there?’ Justin’s catapult to fame, *NSYNC was one of those boy bands who taught the world to dance.

It’s Wednesday again and it’s time to give yourself that well-deserved break. Increase the volume, sit back and proudly press the ‘play’ button.


BTW, the letters N, S, Y, N and C are the last letters of the first names of the members: Justin, Chris, Joey, Lasten and JC. Not only were their moves coordinated but even their names were in sync.

– sb

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