The Little Gentleman’s ‘MYHABIT’

The little gentleman wants his own little style update. This season treat him to a cricket lifestyle, paired with summer’s trendiest colors, from Sher Singh. We have polos for the little guy’s wardrobe that are fun and stylish because we say no day should be dull. After all he is the future ‘Man of the Match’.

Get your little guy his favourite Cricket polo in in navy, yellow, turquoise and green. Let the little gentleman look his best when he’s both on and off the field.

These Sher Singh kids’ polos are now also featured on, a division of and a high-fashion private sale site, offering hand-picked selections from designer and boutique brands shipping internationally to 50+ countries.

We are proud that Sher Singh Jr. is really going global with his style.

– sb

All That ‘Zak’

While most of us wouldn’t think it right to be wearing shades when indoors, Zak carries his off quite stylishly.

We met Zaheer Khan last Friday just before he could catch his flight. In his red RCB polo, relaxed gray pants and loafers, the Cricketer looked quite composed for a man who had taken three wickets the previous day.

Talking about Cricket, new hairstyles and food among other things, this is Sher Singh’s exclusive interview with our ‘Man of the Match’.

Sher Singh: How do you celebrate after winning a match?
Zak: It always feels good after winning. When we won the match on the 17th there was a small get together – just the team members and a few friends.

SS: Your fans are asking, ‘Why have you grown your hair?’
Zak: (Laughs) I’ve grown my hair just because I just needed some change. I’ve had short hair for a while and I thought let’s try something different. I’ve always been experimenting with my hair and this is something new I have tried and yes, I’m loving it.

SS: One of them specifically asked, “ZAK is there a fashion in Team India’s Senior Cricketers to have long hair these days, example Sachin, Dada, Dhoni and you?
Zak: Well all I can say is, I started it. (Laughs)

SS: What do you have to say to your fans?
Zak: Well we reached an interesting stage of the tournament and it’s been amazing to see so many teams actually winning more than 50% of the games. And it’s been really confusing to tell who would qualify. But yes, it’s been amazing and everyone’s been superb in terms of support. So I would just tell my fans to keep supporting the players.

SS: So you’re planning to come out with a New Clothing line. Could you give us a sneak preview.
Zak: Well you know that Cricket has always been my passion. So whenever I come out with my line of clothing it’ll be inspired by Cricket and have many elements of the game. For example, the ‘swing’ which I am related to, the Cricket ball that I use and stuff like that.

SS: And Zak, is there something we don’t know about you yet?
Zak: I am a complete foodie. I have some restaurants; I love travelling and trying different cuisines.

SS: How would you tell your fans and your fellow cricketers to #BeASport?
Zak: Well #BeASport means a lot to me. Without even you realizing it, you can be helping others and I personally feel that it’s the best thing you could do. That’s what is special about #BeASport. Whoever I have talked to about the movement is very excited about how just a ‘click’ can help so many kids.

– sb

Wanted: Mr. S

Who is Mr. S?

Mr. S is accused of being the most stylish man in the world.

So, what about him?

Apparently, he’s gone missing. Also known as “The Man on the Move”, he is nowhere to be found. When we went to see him at his house this morning, we found a note hanging on the door.

Why has he run away?

Well we’ll have to find it out from him, but first we need to find him.

He is leaving clues behind, so let’s crack the code together.  Come with us on this trip around the world as we look for Mr. S.

This is what you’ll have to do

You’ll have to help us guess the names of places Mr. S has been to with the clues he leaves us. That’s all!

With every destination, we will select one person with the correct answer who will get a discount code for 25% OFF.  At the end, whoever cracks the final code will be rewarded most handsomely.

Please visit our facebook page for the contest.


– ak

Flashback Cafe: Bye Bye Bye

The asterisk (*) is more than just a footnote denoter. It’s also the first character of this band’s name although one asks ‘what is it doing there?’ Justin’s catapult to fame, *NSYNC was one of those boy bands who taught the world to dance.

It’s Wednesday again and it’s time to give yourself that well-deserved break. Increase the volume, sit back and proudly press the ‘play’ button.


BTW, the letters N, S, Y, N and C are the last letters of the first names of the members: Justin, Chris, Joey, Lasten and JC. Not only were their moves coordinated but even their names were in sync.

– sb

Off the Field

We are mostly used to seeing them playing on the field and we must admit we like them best in their uniforms. However, we got a little curious and wanted to see how they are without the bat and the ball. These are some of our favorite cricket stars quite off the field.

1. Rahul Dravid 2. Yuvraj Singh 3. Ricky Ponting 4. Sachin Tendulkar 5. Alastair Cook 6. Michael Clarke 7. Mitchell Johnson 8. Shahid Afridi 9. Virat Kohli.

Get your Cricket Off the Field gear here.


Behind the Scene : Lisa’s Secret Garden

We spoke to you about Lisa’s Secret Garden and the romantic mood of the shoot. Now, get behind the scenes with Lisa on the shoot with photographer William and see what went into capturing the mood of the collection.

1. Mood of the shoot. 2. Lisa getting ready. 3. Giggles and laughter in front of the camera. 4. Choosing the perfect picture. 5. Lisa ♥s Sher Singh accessory collection laid out. 6. Testing the lights. 7. Click Click.

The Lisa ♥s Sher Singh Summer Collection is now available here.

– ak

The “Only” Zeenat

Zeenat Aman - Hare Rama Hare Krishna

Parveen Babi  got the name “The poor man’s Zeenat Aman”, Sarika was christened “Zeenat Aman 2” and Padmini Kolhapure was named “Baby Zeenat”, but we all know – that truly, there was only one Zeenat “Dum Maro Dum” Aman.

She rose to fame with her “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” act of a hippie. Wearing bell bottoms, psychedelic prints, large tinted shades, bold bikinis and thigh high dresses,  Zeenat was a representation of everything a woman of that time wanted to be, and men wanted to be with.

And as far as the influence goes – we bet it was her who got the winged eyeliner icon-ified (and not Cleopatra) – just saying.


Wear to This Summer

Going on a Summer Holiday? Travel around the world with your new BFF’s Ashlee and Ashlene because these two dresses are just the right Summer companions.

  • You can take them anywhere because they don’t take too much space in your suitcase;
  • They don’t get crumpled;
  • They are stylish and cool on sunny afternoons;
  • You can wear them in the evenings too;
  • They are sleeveless and just the right length for those bare legs (not too short) and
  • Colours and patterns are just what Summer is all about.

– SB

The Flashback Cafe, Number 5

He’s had eight women at once and we loved him for that. Although in real life, we usually don’t approve of such womanising. But we say, it’s time to take your midweek break from reality. So, sit back, relax and sing along with the old crooning casanova, Lou Bega.


Why Colour Your Week

The colour you wear affects your happiness. It’s true.

At least, many people believe that the seven days of the week have their respective governing planets. Monday is named after the Moon, Tuesday is named after Mars, Wednesday after Mercury, Saturday after Saturn and so on. These planets are in turn linked to specific colours that are good for you. And even if you are a pragmatic, non-romantic, ‘grown up’ person, you will agree that wearing a little colour does cheer you up (besides making you look good).

White for purity and peace. Besides, it’s an essential color in your wardrobe.

Red signifies passion and love. Also, it’s bold and sexy.

Green brings you prosperity and it signifies regeneration besides being a Summer favourite.

Yellow symbolises enlightenment. The perfect colour for your sunny day out.

Indigo is mysterious. When you wear it, it’s sharp, fresh and chic.

Violet is regal and a lovely name. Don’t you feel special when you wear the colour?

Pink is happiness and love. The perfect colour on your day off.

– SB

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