SS Classic: The Cricket Blazer

Whether you are at work or going out with your lady; a classic blazer never fails to impress. Here are 4 reasons why Sher Singh’s Cricket Blazer is a must have in a gentleman’s wardrobe.

The Classic Cricket Blazer

Wear it with your favourite shirt or dress up your jeans and a plain tee, the Cricket blazer perfectly compliments and completes any look.

The classic cricket blazer is now available: in Navy and Olive

– ak

All at Sea, in White

Whether you’re going to the Maldives or the Hamptons this Summer, make sure to throw in your basic white polo into your travel bag. It’s essential. Add pastels to the look for a cool, breezy style as you go for a stroll on the boardwalk.

And make sure to keep some space for colour in you bag. Check out our new polos in forest, teal, grape and pink.

– sb

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