Wanted: Mr. S

Who is Mr. S?

Mr. S is accused of being the most stylish man in the world.

So, what about him?

Apparently, he’s gone missing. Also known as “The Man on the Move”, he is nowhere to be found. When we went to see him at his house this morning, we found a note hanging on the door.

Why has he run away?

Well we’ll have to find it out from him, but first we need to find him.

He is leaving clues behind, so let’s crack the code together.  Come with us on this trip around the world as we look for Mr. S.

This is what you’ll have to do

You’ll have to help us guess the names of places Mr. S has been to with the clues he leaves us. That’s all!

With every destination, we will select one person with the correct answer who will get a discount code for 25% OFF.  At the end, whoever cracks the final code will be rewarded most handsomely.

Please visit our facebook page for the contest.


– ak

Flashback Cafe: Bye Bye Bye

The asterisk (*) is more than just a footnote denoter. It’s also the first character of this band’s name although one asks ‘what is it doing there?’ Justin’s catapult to fame, *NSYNC was one of those boy bands who taught the world to dance.

It’s Wednesday again and it’s time to give yourself that well-deserved break. Increase the volume, sit back and proudly press the ‘play’ button.


BTW, the letters N, S, Y, N and C are the last letters of the first names of the members: Justin, Chris, Joey, Lasten and JC. Not only were their moves coordinated but even their names were in sync.

– sb

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