The Flashback Cafe: Backstreet’s Back

You know the moves. He knows the moves. She knows the moves. And admit it, you all know the lyrics. Growing up wouldn’t be the same without them.

Take a break for five minutes and revisit the old Backstreet 90s: The music, the dance moves, the heartbreaks and the hairstyles.

– SB

Homies and the POPz

Think of Compton – or Google it, if you must, and you’ll see that it is a city in southern Los Angeles County, California, United States,  infamous for gang violence. It is also known for the Compton Cricket Club (the Homies and the Popz). And do you know why?

Founded in 1995 by Ted Hayes and Katy Haber, the Cricket Club has given the team members a new meaning to the “gang” life. The team, comprising African Americans and Latinos from the area, plays cricket at amateur level in LA and takes occasional tours in the UK and Australia.

This “All American Cricket Team” promotes good will, civility and peace while bringing Cricket to America and harnessing the raw talent from the country, waiting to become the future US Cricketers.

And what are they doing when not winning games? See here:

Homies & the POPz performing their hit Hip-Hop Cricket Rap hit, “From Bullets To Balls during the Cricketer Unite Against Terrorist Rally at the LA City Hall on March 14,2009

Snoop Dogg wearing the Compton Polo while performing at the Summadayze Music Festival


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