The Beautiful Game

What happens when you take Superman and his heroine together and place them behind a 70’s Bollywood style flower garden? That’s what we wanted to know when some of us went to the Nature Morte Gallery last year.

Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra, photographed by Mikhil Saluja, Platform Magazine

The stylish but somewhat  eccentrically dressed duo Thukral & Tagra were exhibiting their installations and paintings as the original Superman film was being screened in one of the darker rooms. Another room was designed as a neat bedroom, very suggestive of what it symbolised.

‘Match Fixed’ at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing

This was the ‘Put it On, Again’ exhibition. Apart from being beautifully colourful and the characters and motifs flying across the skies, there was an undercurrent of playful irony in these romantic depictions. Thukral & Tagra or T&T are contemporary artists who blur the lines between High Art and Popular Culture. Although their works are playful and humorous, they ask serious questions about sexuality and the new Indian identity in the 21st Century global context.

Details from ‘Put it On’ and ‘Put it On, Again’

And the best part of the exhibition for us was ‘The Beautiful Game’. It was a game of pool and whoever managed to get the ball into a pocket won cool underwear or flip flops.

The Beautiful Game Prizes

– SB


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