Amrita’s Letters

Last Sunday, we went over some love letters from over a period of 35 years and we were moved. Poignant, touching and at times funny, the letters were written by two people from very different backgrounds who ‘would not come together and could not stay apart’.

With just two characters, enacted by Shabana Azmi and Farooq Sheikh, narrating each other’s letters in Urdu, the play, directed by Feroz Khan, tells the universal tragedy of lovers who are split apart by fate. With only ‘reading’, and no actual dialogues, Tumhari Amrita is a new form of Indian theatre that challenges established norms of the art. But more importantly, it is a great tragedy of our times, and the harshest part of it is that it is almost tangibly real.

When the performance was over, we stood, transfixed amidst an audience which rose to give a standing ovation. Many had tears in their eyes and everyone simply applauded and stared at the empty stage where two lovers had just told their stories.

– SB


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