The Man of Steel

Subodh Gupta, photographed by Tom Pietrasik

For most of us, the frying pan and the ladle are utensils in the kitchen. But contemporary artist Subodh Gupta makes these everyday objects come to life. Steel and bronze buckets, pans, glasses and plates rise up to become a massive atomic explosion or a colossal stainless skull.

Very Hungry God

Subodh’s works are significant not only for the unusual resuscitation of these everyday objects, but also for the cultural implications they hold. The steel pots and pans are ubiquitous items throughout the different classes, communities and castes in India. The giant skull made of steel utensils is aptly named ‘Very Hungry God’. In a country of poverty and hunger, the sculpture becomes a terrible manifestation of a large population’s reality.

1. Line of Control 2. Everything is Inside

Although his art largely takes references from India, the artist, who has exhibited his works all over the world, says, ‘Art language is the same all over the world which allows me to be anywhere’.

(image source: trendland, arariogallery, dailyserving)

–          SB


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