Sher Singh’s Valentine

So, what are your plans tonight? A dinner date, maybe, or self pampering is what’s on your mind for the evening.
We asked our cupid struck colleagues at SS the same question –

Valetine's at Work

  • I’ll be the Covert Cupid of the office – Sultry Shivani
  • Since I am single, I’ll be indulging in retail therapy with my friends – Krazy Kun
  • Nice brunch. I’ll spend the day by the pool or go to a spa with someone special – Sexy Shanel
  • Hope something is planned without me having to plan it – Tiny Tanavi
  • My better half isn’t in town. So I think I’ll be putting up another Valentine’s post – Silly SB
  • Dropping a mail to all my ex-girlfriends; hoping to catch up with at least one of them! – Cartoon Kabeer
  • To tell you the truth, I’ve never celebrated V-Day – Just Jas
  • The investors are coming today. I have a date with them – Serious Sanjeev
  • Bunch of girls going out drinking but since I’m not well, I’ll be getting high on antibiotics – Naughty Natasha
  • Bake a cake for family, buy a gift for Toby, my dog, and then get wasted – Pretty Priyanka
  • A surprise date with my girlfriend. Wait, is it today? – Planned P.K
  • Will try something new, cooking perhaps – Super Subhasish
  • Basement + Candles + Champagne + Flowers + Gifts + Ambient Lighting + Romantic music + Sushi Dinner + Dessert – Rocking Rohan



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