Handsome in Pink?

Gentlemen, with season changing, this is just about the right time to add colour to your wardrobe. And we are talking about specific colour today. Pink – which may have enlisted itself as a feminine colour, but when worn right gives just the right breath of fresh air around you. Just look at men around you rocking the colour and rest assured that you too will add the colour to your list.

(from left to right) Ed Westwick, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp

Just remember these rules and you can never go wrong with the colour –

– If you are just starting with the tone, think subtle – pink tie, socks, and scarves.
– Dress shirts are the easiest way to add pink to your wardrobe. Pair them with basic neutrals like black, blue or khakhi.
– Stay away from pairing the same pinks. Think blush pink shirt with a brighter hued tie instead.
– Wear mid-tone pinks like soft blush or barely there pink for a clean and crisp look.
– Don’t mix it with other icy blue shades.

You can choose from the Nehru Polo or Classic Crest Polo in Barely Pink on Sher Singh

IMAGE courtesy: zimbiostylist, fashionrat



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