Lisa Shows us How

We spotted Lisa Haydon wearing the Sher Singh Crest to an event last night. We love the way she styled it with a statement necklace for the perfect camera moment.

Lisa Haydon in Sher Singh

Check out Sher Singh’s new arrivals: T-shirt with Navy Crest, T-shirt with Yellow Crest, Pink T-shirt with Blue Crest. Show off these statement pieces with an open leather jacket and complete the outfit with our pencil skirt to achieve an effortless chic look.



Sher Singh’s Crush List

It’s February 2nd today and we are officially seeing hearts around us. While pinks and reds might be the usual colours for romance, we have picked out the perfect swoon worthy gifts for your someone special.

Every day till Valentine’s Day, we’ll have something new and exciting to give your loved ones. Let the countdown to V Day begin.


Blog Talk

This is how I spend my time at work.

It’s a world made of paper. And Valentine’s Day is coming soon. So get your scissors, some paste, crayons and paper, of course, and re-attend your Art and Craft class.

He used to have an account on blogger like most of us. But he’s so good that he had to get his own website. This is Mayank Austen Soofi’s gateway to alternate Delhi.

Aka WTF. So, the deal is: Joe writes the words. Katie wears the clothes. And it’s a different outfit everyday with everyday stories.

This might be misanthropy but it’s hilarious and mostly directed at the tasteless celebs and their devastating designers.

image source: trendland

This isn’t a detail from a Mondrian painting. It’s a sandwich. For the best of culture and everything, visit Trendland.

–        SB

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