Political Fashion Statements

1. Fidel Castro, on the (right?) track. 2. Mao’s Safari Style. 3. Sarah Palin’s eye for style.

The Nehru jacket, aka ‘Band Gale Ka Coat’ (The Coat with the Closed Neck) recently earned itself the seventh position in Time Magazine’s “Top 10 Global Political Fashion Statements”. The list also has Fidel Castro’s tracksuit, Mao Zedong’s safari suit and the American politican Sarah Palin’s glasses among others. Chacha Nehru’s style must have been so impressive that even the Beatles wore the jackets at their gigs.

1. Beatles at the Shea Stadium, 1965. 2. Dr. Evil from Austin Powers.

Looks like the style also trickled up to our favorite would-be millionaire.

Check out our  modern take on the Nehru collar in Navy, White, Barely Pink and Teal Blue.

– SB


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