Political Fashion Statements

1. Fidel Castro, on the (right?) track. 2. Mao’s Safari Style. 3. Sarah Palin’s eye for style.

The Nehru jacket, aka ‘Band Gale Ka Coat’ (The Coat with the Closed Neck) recently earned itself the seventh position in Time Magazine’s “Top 10 Global Political Fashion Statements”. The list also has Fidel Castro’s tracksuit, Mao Zedong’s safari suit and the American politican Sarah Palin’s glasses among others. Chacha Nehru’s style must have been so impressive that even the Beatles wore the jackets at their gigs.

1. Beatles at the Shea Stadium, 1965. 2. Dr. Evil from Austin Powers.

Looks like the style also trickled up to our favorite would-be millionaire.

Check out our  modern take on the Nehru collar in Navy, White, Barely Pink and Teal Blue.

– SB

Care for a $100 Hot Dog?

Frrrozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity 3 in New York, priced at $25,000

A $100 hotdog. Really? Apparently a restaurant in Vancouver is creating these expensive treats. The Dragon Dog is marinated in Louis XIII cognac (which is $2,000 a bottle, for those who didn’t know). But does that make it worth the price?

Care to indulge? Here’s a list of some of the other “luxury” items for your snacking enjoyment:

1. Pizza
Valued at 8300 Euros, the world’s most expensive pizza can be tasted in Italy. The pizza with 20 cm diameter has generous toppings of caviar and lobster with Louis XIII Remy Martin cognac poured all over it. Puts our $10 pizza dinner to shame (in theory).

2. Burger
Move over McDonalds and Burger King. A restaurant at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas holds the record for the world’s most expensive burger, putting the meter up at $5,000, excluding the tax and tip. The FleurBurger 5000 is made with Kobe beef, topped with a slab of foie gras, truffle sauce and black truffle shavings, all served on a brioche truffle bun.

But it is nothing compared to the “first ever lab grown burger” which is estimated to be around $345,000, as reported by Reuters.
(It is “in vitro” or “cultured” meat-burgers or sausages grown in laboratory Petri dishes)

Oh Mc God!

3. Cocktail
Decadence in the glass – Diamonds Are Forever Martini from Tokyo tells us that luxury comes at a price. And the fact that they’ve served two of the 1,800,000 yen (around $18,000) drink seals that very fact.

4. Ice Cream
The ones who are born with a silver spoon drink in gold goblets.
A restaurant in New York holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s most expensive dessert. Priced at $25,000 the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate is a blend of 14 of the rarest and most expensive cocoas from around the world. It comes garnished with whipped cream, 5grams of 24 carat edible gold and shavings from a La Madeline au Truffle.  Served in a golden goblet, the dessert is surrounded by the crown of gold and diamonds and a gold spoon. No word if you can get the decadent dessert and goblet as a takeaway.

5. Tea
You might just skip this one. A Chinese entrepreneur has revealed that panda poo is the key ingredient to his new luxury brew. He claims to grow tea leaves with the manure which will cost a staggering $35,000 for 18 ounces. What’s wrong with a nice strong Earl Grey?

Image courtesy vagablond


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