High Five with Aria

One Dress. 5 Styles. We show you how.

The Aria Dress

The best part about the Aria dress – (apart from being glamorously sexy) is that it can take you places with just a lil’ bit of styling. So, whether it’s a Sunday brunch, a Page3 event that you are attending or a simple date night – Aria will prove to be your BFF.

Get your favourite shade of Aria now : Cornflower Blue, Tangerine, Orchid, Blush Peach and Black.


The Little Gentleman’s ‘MYHABIT’

The little gentleman wants his own little style update. This season treat him to a cricket lifestyle, paired with summer’s trendiest colors, from Sher Singh. We have polos for the little guy’s wardrobe that are fun and stylish because we say no day should be dull. After all he is the future ‘Man of the Match’.

Get your little guy his favourite Cricket polo in in navy, yellow, turquoise and green. Let the little gentleman look his best when he’s both on and off the field.

These Sher Singh kids’ polos are now also featured on MYHABIT.com, a division of Amazon.com and a high-fashion private sale site, offering hand-picked selections from designer and boutique brands shipping internationally to 50+ countries.

We are proud that Sher Singh Jr. is really going global with his style.

– sb

What We Wear: Kungawa

We call her Kun and she is a princess, a real one. And we make jokes about how she has everyone’s heads cut off. But she is really the sweetest thing, a lost romantic with her easy feminine flair. She sketches well and expresses what she doesn’t with them.

“Usually my style is very casual but when I go out I prefer classic chic. I love the floral print on this top because it’s like Summer bloom. You know, it’s not on your face; it’s very subtle with it’s soft vintage charm.”

Working at Sher Singh is: “The best part about working with Sher Singh is the people. And it is the people who make the company for me. I can say that I have found the nicest people I could work with.”

– sb

All That ‘Zak’

While most of us wouldn’t think it right to be wearing shades when indoors, Zak carries his off quite stylishly.

We met Zaheer Khan last Friday just before he could catch his flight. In his red RCB polo, relaxed gray pants and loafers, the Cricketer looked quite composed for a man who had taken three wickets the previous day.

Talking about Cricket, new hairstyles and food among other things, this is Sher Singh’s exclusive interview with our ‘Man of the Match’.

Sher Singh: How do you celebrate after winning a match?
Zak: It always feels good after winning. When we won the match on the 17th there was a small get together – just the team members and a few friends.

SS: Your fans are asking, ‘Why have you grown your hair?’
Zak: (Laughs) I’ve grown my hair just because I just needed some change. I’ve had short hair for a while and I thought let’s try something different. I’ve always been experimenting with my hair and this is something new I have tried and yes, I’m loving it.

SS: One of them specifically asked, “ZAK is there a fashion in Team India’s Senior Cricketers to have long hair these days, example Sachin, Dada, Dhoni and you?
Zak: Well all I can say is, I started it. (Laughs)

SS: What do you have to say to your fans?
Zak: Well we reached an interesting stage of the tournament and it’s been amazing to see so many teams actually winning more than 50% of the games. And it’s been really confusing to tell who would qualify. But yes, it’s been amazing and everyone’s been superb in terms of support. So I would just tell my fans to keep supporting the players.

SS: So you’re planning to come out with a New Clothing line. Could you give us a sneak preview.
Zak: Well you know that Cricket has always been my passion. So whenever I come out with my line of clothing it’ll be inspired by Cricket and have many elements of the game. For example, the ‘swing’ which I am related to, the Cricket ball that I use and stuff like that.

SS: And Zak, is there something we don’t know about you yet?
Zak: I am a complete foodie. I have some restaurants; I love travelling and trying different cuisines.

SS: How would you tell your fans and your fellow cricketers to #BeASport?
Zak: Well #BeASport means a lot to me. Without even you realizing it, you can be helping others and I personally feel that it’s the best thing you could do. That’s what is special about #BeASport. Whoever I have talked to about the movement is very excited about how just a ‘click’ can help so many kids.

– sb

Shantanu & Nikhil teach us how to #BeASport

We caught up with Nikhil of Shantanu & Nikhil and asked him how is he doing his bit of teaching everybody to #BeASport (apart from looking so dapperly handsome, wearing just a kurta + denims).

What was your inspiration behind creating the designs for #BeASport campaign?

We have two similar, yet very distinct designs for the t-shirts designed for #BeASport.

Having trying to combine a western silhouette and an Indian design, we came up with the idea of using the booti from Jaipur as the main element of design.

The men’s t-shirt design is all about “moving forward”. The Indian sensibilities with the pixel formed booti design gets infused with “Sports” with its athletic action.

The design for the women’s t-shirt on the other hand represents who the Indian woman is today. The design with the booti work reaches out to every Indian women. She likes a little “Indian-ness” on her clothes – in the form of colour, stencils, designs, applique, or embroidery. The design is set on the shoulders keeping in mind that she also “carries” everything on her shoulders and still moves forward in life. The design represents exactly that.

How do you relate to the #BeASport Campaign?

It can be said that I have been through the phase that the #BeASport campaign is trying to achieve right now. As a person who was never too interested in “school” and “studies”, I initially wanted to get into sports; but it wasn’t acceptable at that point of time – with family and the society – and so it wasn’t easy. My other “interest” lay in art and painting which was at that time seen as something only girls would do and wasn’t acceptable either.

There is a lot of pressure on kids today with expectations from the parents at each point of time. And when i wanted to start a career in design, I was equally frowned upon. But the story of me, of how i am where i am, how i am and what i am doing today is what keeps me going ahead everyday, how ever competitive the days may become.

The point is that ‘EVERYBODY’ can be ‘SOMEBODY’. It’s just a matter of pushing them towards the goal.
We found our way. And we hope that others do too. We are just trying to help them get there, however we can help.

– ak

All at Sea, in Pink

Where are you this Summer? If you’re planning a trip to the Mediterranean beaches, here’s a little inspiration for your seaside day-to-evening look.

We think a bright summer polo works perfectly well when worn with a pair of chinos. It’s stylish and sexy with just the right amount of cool. We are packing the Classic Cricket Polo in Pink for this summer holiday.


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